Payment Plan and Guarantee

Free Six Month Payment Plan

As a small way of saying thank you, we offer a FREE six month payment plan for any portrait order totaling $700 or more. The balance of your order, over and above any advance that you have already paid, is spread out over six months. There is no interest or service charge due Brock Meeler Photography if you opt for this program.
You simply authorize us to charge your credit card on the first of each month, for one sixth of your remaining balance. You must have a credit card with an expiration date past six months from the date you place you order.
Sorry, but we do not have open accounts, we do not bill or submit invoices, and we do not allow payment by check or check card, for this program.
Just inform us at the time you place your order that you would like to utilize this program. Simple and easy - and FREE!

Our Guarantee

One of the greatest benefits of working with our studio is our iron-clad guarantee. It is unlike any guarantee that you will find at any other studio. In fact, most studios do not even have guarantees.
I personally guarantee that you will be absolutely thrilled (not just satisfied) with your original images. If not, we will either create additional images until you are thrilled, or we will refund your entire session fee!
The same holds true, of course, for all of your finished portraits. If you are not completely thrilled with your finished portraits we will either have them remade until you are thrilled, or we will keep the portraits and refund all of your money!
Finally, your finished portraits are guaranteed for life. If they should ever fade, discolor, or become damaged in any way, we will replace the damaged prints with new prints - at absolutely no charge to you.


When your portrait was created it was copyrighted by our studio. Federal copyright law prohibits the copying of any Brock Meeler Photography portrait—by any means—including home or commercial scanner, digital camera, or other electronic capture device, as well as by film camera, color photocopying or other mechanical means.
Why? Simply put, a copied photo always loses much of the original quality, clarity and color you would expect from a d. holmes meir studios portrait. Since poor quality would reflect on the reputation of our work, we reserve the right to copyright every image we create. We also reserve the right to refuse to sell photographs to anyone we suspect may attempt to copy them.
We appreciate your cooperation in helping to maintain the high standards you expect from Brock Meeler Photography.